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Do you really Need MSc or MBA to Land your Dream Job in IT

I interviewed a candidate that was brought to me by refferal, the job was for a professional, I glanced through the Candidates CV, it was good , something struck me

She was a graduate ( B.sc )

She had Master’s Degree ( M.sc )

There was no experience, there was literally no on hands experience aside the NYSC / Industrial Training she had during her school days.

I asked her

Why did you do your master’s?

her reply

“I felt that was the next thing to do after my degree”

I want to point out something I feel would do every degree holder well , the meaning of Bachelor’s degree is that you are a graduate of academia , you have no specialist tendencies yet , your “bachelor” degree gives you the opportunity to try out fields related to you or relates to the career path you want ( like a bachelor looking for a woman to marry )

When you now find what you love doing , you going back to do your master’s degree is to become a professional ( master ) in that field.

for example , you studied b.sc accounting, you love accounting, after graduation you got a job as an accountant and you found joy in financial analysis , so you went back to do a master’s degree in financial analysis, now you’re an accountant, you might not be sure of other areas of accounting but when it comes to financial analysis it is your specialty.

Master’s degree is for those who have gained experience in a given field and has a chosen a special focus in that field to be a professional in.

You don’t choose M.sc as a random degree , it is meant to help you be a specialist! in a given field AFTER YOU HAVE GAINED EXPERIENCE in a given field not BEFORE!

Master’s Degree before getting experience can not qualify you as a potent professional, academically yes! , on-hands wise NO!

And as you know!

Experience is the ice breaker!

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